Sara Shabana/ Welcome to my Show!

The Sara Shabana Show

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of my podcast show!

This episode is a quick one just to explain to you why we are here, what this show is about, and why I decided to start this podcast.

Below are the key highlights from the episode:

  • I share a little bit about myself and why I am starting a podcast.
  • The decision I made last year to overcome my fear.
  • How our limiting believes hold us back from being the best version of ourselves.
  • I mentioned the two main reasons why we don’t take risks and design a life that brings us joy.
  • I share with you the questions that helped me shift my mindset.
  • What this podcast show is about and what to expect moving forward.
  • I encourage you to download and print the below worksheet , set in a quiet place and start working on the exercises …. I cant wait to see what you have to share!

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by The Sara Shabana Show