The Sara Shabana Show – Find Your Magic!


The Sara Shabana Show

In the 4th episode of the podcast “The Sara Shabana Show” I discussed magic and our superpowers!


Below are the key highlights from the episode:

  • What I loved about the new Pixar movie “onward” and why I think everyone should watch it.
  • Why there are no longer magic in the world.
  • Why we lost our curiosity and our child sense of wonder.
  • The impact of the current educational system.
  • Why most of us are boxed in and living a limited life.
  • How we can create magic in our world and design a life we love.
  • How you can find your passion and purpose in life and how this can guide you to take actions towards a life that brings you joy.


I encourage you to download and print the below worksheet , set in a quiet place and start working on the exercises …. I cant wait to see what you have to share!


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