#20 Dr Saliha Afridi- Identity Formation, Mental Health, and the Best Resources in Dealing with Adversity


Dr saliha afridi the sara shabana show

Dr. Saliha Afridi is a leading psychologist and an entrepreneur with a mission to lead the way in promoting mental wellbeing in the Middle East.

Born and raised in completely different cultures like many of or generation, we discussed individuality and the struggle of understanding where do we belong.

As an entrepreneur herself she shared her story founding the lighthouse, and how fear and self-doubt were part of this experience especially as the 1st women entrepreneur in her community.

I loved chatting with her about her journey finding this personal balance between conventionality and difference. And how it’s absolutely ok to be multi-passionate and why you should listen to this whisper that comes from within you.

Not to mention, she impressed me with her book recommendations!


In this episode from The Sara Shabana Show, we discussed:

  • Identity struggles and sense of belonging in a multicultural upbringing.
  • Why it’s ok to be multi-passionate and how can you listen and follow your intuition.
  • The best mental health external and internal resources in dealing with adversity.
  • The self-doubt and fear that comes with entrepreneurship and taking risks.
  • How having a community-driven mission gives a purpose and meaning to your business.
  • How building a personal brand online helps you amplify your mission in impacting thousands and millions of people.


 Connect with Dr. Saliha:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsalihaafridi/?hl=en

Website: https://www.lighthousearabia.com/

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