#8 – Nour Youssef – Emotional trauma, and our untapped limitless potential


Hiba Balfaqih

Today is a special day … its the international mental health day!

and for this reason, I thought of intentionally planning a special episode on this day that could help you understand more the significance of taking care of our mental and obviously emotional health. 

I was personally recently introduced to this new world of emotional trauma and its profound impact on literally our day-to-day life, our habits and our belief system.  and how our childhood traumas which we all have our shaping our reality now as adults. 

So as my special gift for you today, I am hosting an expert in the field of emotional trauma to help you and help me better understand the impact of these traumas and how we can set ourselves free to unleash our full potential and live the life we always dreamed of. Especially for the new entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs in which the uncertainty triggers those limiting beliefs and surface them to us. So if you want to understand more … stay tuned with me today. 

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