Sara Almukaimy – The Power of Imagination and Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less



Sara Almukaimy is the real definition of a REBEEEL

While she grew up in a very traditional Kuwaiti family, she did not accept to fit in the mold.  

She is a dreamer, a storyteller, and sometimes, an imaginary world creator where everyone in this world has equal rights. 

Her journey in discovering herself and her individuality led her to realize that being different especially in a society that puts women in frames & expects them to fit in is not always welcomed or supported. 

She rebelled, she opposed the norms, she objected to the laws and still objecting … 

From a very young age, she wrote on her closet mirror with lipstick ” Why should we settle for something less than WE think we deserve “and she still lives by this statement till date.

In this episode from The Sara Shabana Show, we discussed:

·       Our individuality and how to navigate our way without conforming to the social norms. 

·       The journey of discovering who you really are. 

·       The power of imagination and its impact on our creative skills. 

·       How to show up for yourself and handle fear of judgment.

.       Women’s rights in Kuwait and Arab societies. 

·       How personal branding helps you have a platform to express yourself and help others. 


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