Hiba Balfaqih – Mind hacking, limiting beliefs, and the brain code

Hiba Balfaqih

Hiba Balfaqih is the guest for the 7th podcast episode of “The Sara Shabana Show”. 

She is a truly inspiring human who does TON of things! She is a serial entrepreneur who owns 3 businesses including the famous Smash Room in Dubai. She is a psychologist, a podcaster, and an author.

 With all that being said, she positioned herself as a MIND HACKER! And we discussed more about it in this episode.

Below are the key highlights from the episode:

  • How curiosity can help us discover ourselves and guide us to what we truly want to do in life. 
  • The common limiting believes in our region. 
  • Manifestations and how we are co-creators of our reality
  • Why we should lead and parent from a place of love vs a place of fear. 
  • The power of the words we tell ourselves. 

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